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FAFB will never call you and ask for your credit card details over the phone. If this happens, hang up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently-asked questions on Find A Fishing Boat.

Is it a scam?

Offers that sound too good to be true, usually are.

Overpayment scam: A buyer sends a payment that is more than you are asking for, and then asks you to transfer them the difference. They may tell you that they accidentally overpaid you or the extra money is for the shipping costs. They may even ask you to transfer the shipping fees direct to their shipper.

Just because a scammer deposits funds into your account, doesn't mean the money is yours. If it is a fraud you are liable to repay it.

How to avoid this scam: Don't send or refund excess payments to someone you don't know. A legitimate buyer won't overpay you or ask you to forward a payment to a transport company. They would deal with the transport themselves.

Q. Why should I use FAFB to sell my boat?

A. Established in 1999, FAFB offers a simple approach to selling your boat. All boat adverts are treated equally and appear at the top of our listings and on the home page when placed, giving maximum exposure. The price of advertising has not increased since we started in 1999.

Q. How do I place a boat advert and add my pictures?

A. Have all your details to hand before you start, i.e. boat details, pictures, location and payment method. Then click on "PLACE AD". Fill in the required fields, upload pictures one at a time. Once details have been entered you will be directed to the secure payment section. You can pay with card, PayPal or Apple Pay. FAFB does not store your card details. Avoid spending too long placing your advert or you may time out - you can return at any time to amend or add details/pictures to your advert.

Q. Why won't my pictures load?

A. This is usually because the files are too big and the system times out before they are loaded. If you have problems uploading your pictures, you can email them to us. Please include the ID number of your advert in the email.

Q. Can I make any changes to my advert once it is on the website?

A. Adverts can be amended by logging in to your MyFAFB. Details and price can be amended as often as required.

Q. I have sold my boat. How do I mark it "Sold"?

A. Adverts can be marked as Sold by logging in to your MyFAFB page, finding the ad and clicking Mark Sold. It is sensible to wait until the deal has been completed before marking your vessel as sold. Your contact details will be removed from your advert once your boat is marked as sold. If a deal has been made but not completed you can mark your boat as "Under Offer"

Q. My advert has run out and my boat has not sold. Can I renew my advert?

A. Adverts can be renewed by logging in to your MyFAFB page, finding the expired ad and clicking Renew. Once you have paid for the renewal, your boat will go back to the top of the list.

Q. I want to sell some fishing equipment, how do I go about it?

A. Click on "PLACE AD" and select the most suitable category. Fill in details and add your pictures.

Q. My boat was on the website last year. Do I have to create a new advert?

A. If your boat has previously been advertised on FAFB, within the last few years it will still be in your account

Login using your email address and you will find your advert.

If you have forgotten your login details or have any other problem, please get in touch as we can usually retrieve the details.

Q. How can I recognise a genuine buyer?

A. A genuine buyer...

  • will usually want to talk to you on the phone
  • will usually want to view the boat or item himself or send a surveyor to view the boat on his behalf
  • will never send you more money than you ask for



Q, How can I view any email enquiries sent to me through FAFB

A. All enquiries are stored in your FAFB account. Login to FAFB, go to your MyFAFB page then click on the "View enquiries about my ads" button - all your email enquiries are saved here.