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Crew available

skipper / deckhand / fisherman #132860

Last Modified: 23-09-2023 Views: 2

well experienced in trawling , seiner , navigation , charts , docking , vassel m...

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Deckhand #132857

Last Modified: 23-09-2023 Views: 26

I am a confident and reliable person, who is able to work well under pressure wi...

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Deckhand #132803

Last Modified: 20-09-2023 Views: 114

Hi their I have experience in potting welking etc I have been working on boats s...

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Night watchman #132798

Last Modified: 19-09-2023 Views: 120

I have over 10 years experience at sea crabbing.trawling .d/d free. Looking for...

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Deckhand #132787

Last Modified: 19-09-2023 Views: 91

All stcw tickets and more. Have experience in crab and lobster fishing. Looking...

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Fishing #132784

Last Modified: 19-09-2023 Views: 106

Hello I'm fishermen looking for fishing job I have been fishing for the past 1...

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Fishing #132764

Last Modified: 18-09-2023 Views: 114

Hi we are 2 Irish sitzen originally Egyptian Fishermen with 20 years of experien...

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Skipper 16.5m #132759

Last Modified: 18-09-2023 Views: 119

I have done prawns and whitefish out of Peterhead and fraserburgh looking to tak...

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Skipper/deckhand #132745

Last Modified: 17-09-2023 Views: 128

All tickets also 22 years experience potting/dredging/trawling and scalloping....

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Deck hand all types of fishing #132720

Last Modified: 15-09-2023 Views: 171

I am desperate to get in to the fishing deckhand industry I have done my sea sur...

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Fisherman #132717

Last Modified: 15-09-2023 Views: 106

1 year experience fishing shellfish om 12m long boat Fullbore in Jersey Half ye...

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Deckhand guard/oil work #132713

Last Modified: 15-09-2023 Views: 107

19years at the fishing 8 years at the standby sailing as deckhand ,mate and skip...

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Trawler skipper #132704

Last Modified: 14-09-2023 Views: 124

Skipper available trawling scalloping beaming any size boat anywhere 40 yrs...

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Skipper 50GT, Fisherman #132693

Last Modified: 13-09-2023 Views: 105

Experience Now - Pleasure ship "Arabella" - captain April-August Pleasure ship...

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My self #132688

Last Modified: 13-09-2023 Views: 114

Iam a exprience deepsea monk and hake freezer trawler captain more than 15 years...

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Skipper #132687

Last Modified: 13-09-2023 Views: 190

Single lad looking boat to work anywhere in Ireland or possibly UK for right boa...

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Deckhand #132683

Last Modified: 13-09-2023 Views: 83


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Deckhand #132684

Last Modified: 13-09-2023 Views: 53

Am from Ghana very experience and competent Crewman Got all tickets can mend,spl...

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Deckhand #132685

Last Modified: 13-09-2023 Views: 58

I'm from Ghana and a professional seaman in tema port with relevant certificat...

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Deckhand #132682

Last Modified: 13-09-2023 Views: 72

Good morning am a Ghanaian fisherman for a deck Crew job.ready to join any time....

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Any boat work #132659

Last Modified: 12-09-2023 Views: 110

Experience in all aspects at sea. Have owned charters. Been on board ships. Scal...

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Delivery skipper #132657

Last Modified: 12-09-2023 Views: 104

ex fishing skipper available for delivery work around the EU.

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Sailor #132641

Last Modified: 11-09-2023 Views: 89

A sailor is looking for work on a trawler! Norway Iceland! catching and proces...

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Work as a deckhand on any fishing boat uk or Ireland #132632

Last Modified: 11-09-2023 Views: 99

Worked on a Cockle dredger, trawler and beam Trawler and a scalloper . Plus all...

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Skipper for crabbing, whelks #132620

Last Modified: 10-09-2023 Views: 135

Looking to skipper a crab ,whelk boat have 10 years experience at the job. Irela...

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Trawling or netting #132618

Last Modified: 10-09-2023 Views: 123

20 years experience in crabbing , whelking , beam trawling , dredging , twin rig...

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