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Crew Agencies

Find fishing boat crew agencies supplying crew for commercial fishing boats, windfarm support vessels, standby vessels, ferries, tugs and coasters. Place An Advert Now.

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Marine Hydraulics (68)

Marine Engines & Gearboxes (109)

Marine Electronics (45)

Fishing Gear (167)

Outboards (17)

Boat Propellers & Stern Equipment (13)

Marine Generators & Welders (8)

Marine Lighting (48)

Diving Gear & Equipment (2)

Waterproof & Fishing Clothing (26)

Boat Mooring Equipment (7)

Marine Equipment (50)

Boat Vehicles, Trailers & Viviers (7)

Fish Farming Equipment (6)

Fish Processing Equipment (21)

Marine Safety Equipment /Courses (8)

Marine & Fishing Businesses (2)

Boats wanted (14)

Marine Equipment/Services for sale (1)

Crew available (25)

Fish/shellfish for sale (1)

Crew needed (16)

UK Commercial Fishing Licences - Under 10m (39)

UK Commercial Fishing Licences - Over 10m (24)

Wanted UK fishing Licences (2)

Commercial Fishing Boats - Over 15m (22)

Fish/shellfish wanted (6)

Fishing Quota Units for sale/lease (2)

Commercial Fishing Boats - 12-15m (16)

Commercial Fishing Boats - 10-12m (36)

Commercial Fishing Boats - 8-10m (100)

Commercial Fishing Boats - Under 8m (115)

New build boats, fishing boats (36)

Charter, Tourist, Angling & Dive Boats (89)

Recreational Fishing Boats (149)

Ribs & Inflatable Boats (26)

Live Aboard and Conversion Boats (8)

Ferries, Passenger Boats & Cargo Vessels (22)

Fish Farm Boats, Workboats, Tugs & Landing Craft (34)

Barges, Pontoons & Dredgers (6)

Offshore support crew transfer, safety boat (16)

Boats For Lease/Hire (3)

Irish Tonnage Licences for sale/lease (13)

Dinghies And Tenders (2)

Sailing Boats & Yachts (4)

Classic Boats (6)

Restoration Project Boats (10)

FREE FAFB Jumble adverts total price under £400 for private sales only (47)

Navigation Aids (3)

Repair and Maintenance products (10)

Boat Transport Services (6)

Boatbuilders, Boatyards , Storage (8)

Fuel and Engine Systems (12)

Insurance, Finance, Surveys (3)

Marine engineering and fabrication (10)

Marine Services (12)

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The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (commonly known as STCW)
DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SELLERS YOU CANNOT VERIFY AS GENUINE. If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.