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For Sale in Fuel and Engine Systems

ID: 90087
For Sale: Prevent diesel bug, remove harmful deposits, replace lubricity to optimise fuel.
Price: £38.45 + VAT per unit
Location: Gloucestershire



Mandy Stone

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Modern Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) is unstable, lacks lubricant and leaves deposits in the fuel system.

Taking the sulphur out has removed the lubricant qualities. The oil majors add a Lubricant additive for this reason, but only the bare minimum, after all its an additional cost...and the cheaper suppliers don't add anything!

DieselAid® LDB contains a Lubricant and a detergent to dissolve the deposits in the fuel system that cause increased fuel consumption and smoking engines. it also contains an engine manufacturer approved biocide to kill any diesel bug before it can take hold.

DieselAid® is manufacturered in the UK, by us, specifically for fishing and workboats. It is regualarly used by the pelagic trawler fleet.

Price is for a 1 litre drum that's enough to treat 4,000 litres of diesel and adds less than 0.5% to the fuel cost.
The benefits are huge....
Replaces any lubricant lacking in the fuel so protecting the whole fuel system, lack of adeqate lubricant is a primary cause of fuel injector failure.
Completely cleans the whole fuel system, pumps, injectors etc.
Kills Diesel Bug before it takes hold.

If you want the confidence that your fuel wont let you down there are two simple steps.

1) Make sure you drain water from your fuel tank...REGULARLY... if you dont have a drain use a Diesel Dipper®....see our web site for info.

2) Add DieselAid® LDB everytime you fill up. 1 litre is enough for 4000 litres!

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