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For Sale in Fishing Gear

ID: 94123
For Sale: Razorbill 894 Series Mackerel Hooks
Price: £7.25 + VAT
Location: UK



Fairwater Fishing

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The Razorbill 894 series of Mackerel hooks are high quality, cost effective range of fish hooks that have been purpose designed and made for commercial Mackerel fishing.
This is our new recommended hook for all fishermen using fish stripping equipment especially with powered fishing reels or jigging machines.

The hook points are modified to help protect them from damage associated with the use of fish stripping equipment so they maintain sharpness and catch effectiveness for much longer than any standard hooks being used.

894-1) Razorbill (standard eye)
An extra strong fish hook with regular eye, modified point and shiny tinned finish

894-2) Razorbill 894-2 (open eye)
The same hook at 894-1 except the eye is left open making it very quick and simple to add a swivel or fix hooks on monofilament loops.

894-2) Razorbill 894-2 (open eye) hooks are now available with Bright and Glossy (RED, WHITE or BLACK) PVC tube already fitted so they are ready to use.

894-3) Razorbill 894-3 (spade end)
The same extra strong hook with modified point and tinned finish but with spade end.

Available in boxes of 100 and 1,000 hooks.

Available in Size 9 (regular) and Size 8 (large)

For many fishermen the Razorbill hooks have already proven their worth. After 4 or 5 days or even more the hook points will still be in fine condition and continue to catch.
Compare that to changing gear every day or even twice each day with old style traditional hooks and you will soon see the difference.
- in catch rate as well as money saving.
Many customers report back that they use the Razorbill hooks for weeks of heavy fishing before they are replaced.

We stock a full range of Belitronic accessories and commercial hook and line fishing gear.
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