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For Sale in Marine Electronics

ID: 135770
For Sale: Scalloper catches soar with Turbowin 3D
Price: POA
Location: Seafield Navigation, Fraserburgh - Available Internationally



Seafield Navigation Ltd +44 (0)1346 511411

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Scallop dredger "Eternal Light FR35” is having phenomenal success fishing new areas thanks to seabed details revealed by their Turbowin 3D plotter.
"We took 100 bags of scallops off a small uncharted ridge yesterday" said Ian Taylor , skipper of Eternal Light

The banks, ridges, reefs and gullies revealed by Turbowin 3D have meant that working techniques have been adapted to fish them in a precise, targeted fashion and users are clearly reaping benefits: increased catches for the same effort, and allowing new areas to be worked safely. Features that are only 1m high jump out at you, which aren’t included in navigation charts or any of the competitors 3D systems.

Seafield Navigation’s 40 year involvement with the fishing and hydrographic survey industries allows them to bridge the gap to produce incredible Hi-Res 3D seabed charts exclusively for their Turbowin 3D plotters.

Turbowin 3D mapping is produced from professionally surveyed and processed seabed data covering from Shetland to France. 3D maps are compiled from soundings spaced every few meters with 10cm accuracy in 3 dimensions.
Commercial fishing vessels rarely carry technology to compensate for factors such as heave, pitch, roll, swell, tide or atmospheric pressure, but the high quality professional surveys included in Turbowin 3D mapping allow the charts to reveal seabed features that would be almost impossible for a commercial fishing vessel to detect.

Instead of leaving users to try and fill a blank canvas with their own soundings, Seafield Navigation offers detailed 3D mapping for the seabeds of the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. 40 trillion soundings have been processed and refined into a seamless set of 3D charts, covering from the beaches out to the 200 mile limit.

Seafield Navigations Calum West said " We have fitted hundreds of Turbowin 3D systems on boats from 75m down to 7m long with systems in all budget ranges. Every user is able to reap the benefits by enhancing catches through fishing smarter, not harder."

Seafield Navigations Youtube channel has fly-through videos of the Hi-Res 3D seabed charts shown on Turbowin, and they will provide sample images on request.
Turbowin 3D is available from most fishing industry marine electronics outlets.

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If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.