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For Sale in Marine Engines & Gearboxes

ID: 136530
For Sale: Wartsila 200 Series V12 Diesel Engine
Price: £10,000
Location: Croft, Skegness



Adrian Foreman +44 (0)7587132022

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The Wartsila 200 Series V12 Diesel engine S/N 124029 was manufactured in late 2006 and installed into a Navy vessel which came in to service years later around 2009.

The engine was coupled up to a water cooled alternator rated at approximately 2200kVA at 60Hz / 1200rpm and was in sync with another matching unit plus aux shaft generators.

The aux generators ran on the vessel for a number of years but were replaced recently due higher load requirements/task roles on the vessel.

The engine was running before being removed and have been stored inside a naval storage building for some time (unknown) but not that long as the cam lobs still have oil film around them all.

The Wartsila engine used a mechanic / electrical governor and has electrical services attached for exhaust temps, coolant flow / temps, oil sensors and switches etc these all come down to a connection point. The outgoing cables from the engine to the vessel have been cut.

The main engine is complete from what we can see from an inspection, except for the turbo inner snails and odd small items etc. from being removed.

We have removed inspections doors and investigated the cams for signs of wear, rotated the engine slightly with no signs of mechanical issues or clearances.

The pistons and connecting rods, liners all look in great condition with not visual signs of failure or mechanical problems.

Engine hours are unknown. These generators would be used when not connected to shore power, main propulsion - aux power etc.

The engine would have been maintained / stripped regardless with running hours and time in line with maritime insurance protocols.


If possible, travel to view the boat or equipment yourself and only buy once you are happy with it.